Whenever you are investing in your hospital, nursing home, or health care centre you need to ask yourself how important is the equipment you are investing in. In some cases, you’ll find yourself investing in equipment that will not be useful and functional which is why you must be careful in what investment you make.

Stretcher chairs are among the most important and functional equipment you can invest in if you deal with patients, people with physical disabilities, or the elderly. However, before you invest in stretcher chairs you need to find out whether they are as important as the supplier will tell you.

Importance of having stretcher chairs

In case you’re thinking of investing in stretcher chairs you will find them important in the following ways:

  • They enhance the safety of the patient

In some cases, you will be dealing with patients who are overweight elderly, and obese. All these patients require you to provide them with physical assistance especially if they are your surgical patients. When you have the stretcher chairs you are sure that the patient will be safe on the chair and therefore they are unlikely to fall and therefore they will not get fall-related injuries. This means that stretcher chairs enhance the safety of the patient.

  • They are comfortable for the patient

You need to make sure that your patients are comfortable despite their conditions. Most stretcher chairs that you find in the market have pressure reduction materials making them comfortable for the patients. They also have different positioning options ensuring that patients can stay in the position that they feel more comfortable in.

  • They are safe for employees

Healthcare workers also require safety in their places of work. Without the stretcher chairs, the healthcare workers will have to carry and lift the patients whenever they require to be transferred and lifted to stretcher tables or wheelchairs. This leads to musculoskeletal injuries that can be avoided by having the stretcher chairs for the patients eliminating the need for the Healthcare workers to lift and carry patients.

  • They are efficient

Whenever you are carrying out certain outpatient procedures, like ENT, oral surgeries, plastic surgeries, ophthalmic, among others, you will need equipment that can be used as a transport stretcher table, recliner and-op bed. Whenever you have stretcher chairs you are always sure that you can carry out such outpatient procedures without using so much energy and sign trying to transport patients or even acquiring the equipment they need for transporting them and transferring them when you want to carry out these procedures.

What to look for when buying stretcher chairs

When you are purchasing stretcher chairs they are certain things that you need to look out for to ensure that you buy the right stretcher chairs. Some of these things include:

  • Size

When you are purchasing a stretcher chair you need to consider the size of the stretcher chairs you’ll be purchasing. Make sure that you’re purchasing stretcher chairs that will fit into the spaces that you wish your patience to be during any procedures or even after the procedures.

  • Weight limitation

It’s also essential for you to look at the weight limitations of the stretcher chairs you are buying. Make sure that the weight limitation of these stretcher chairs is the maximum to ensure that they can support the weight of all the operations.

  • Ease-of-use

The ease of use of the stretcher chairs by Select Patient Care is also something to look out for before you make your purchase. This is to ensure that all your healthcare workers and caregivers can use this equipment without requiring any training.