The popularity of tattoos has increased rather than abated over the years. On the Gold Coast, the proliferation of tattoo shops indicates the robustness of this particular industry.

Yet, picking out a safe tattoo shop, Gold Coast should be included in the equation other than the picked design and artist. But, how would you know if a tattoo shop is safe or not? Here’s how:

License is prominently displayed

It is always crucial to ensure the license of a tattoo shop. The smartest way to avoid being compromised with serious medical infections and diseases is to opt for licensed tattoo shops. It’s not worth risking your life to have a tattoo done by an unlicensed tattoo shop.

Ask you questions

A good tattoo shop will take pains to ask you the following:

  • If you have high blood pressure
  • If you have allergic reactions to sticking plasters, or latex, or anaesthetics
  • If you have haemophilia conditions
  • If you have MS or any other immune system conditions
  • If you have impetigo
  • If you have a pacemaker or any other heart conditions
  • If you have epilepsy or seizures

Display a safety and health certificate

Does the tattoo shop prominently display a safety and health certificate from the state? A tattoo shop will likely display their safety and health certificate if they happen to have one.

Practice clean and hygienic processes

Even a cursory glance will tell you if the shop is tidy and clean. Hygienic signs to look out for include:

  • Wearing of gloves by the various artists with regular changes after each procedure. Basic safety and health practices of tattoo shops include the wearing of gloves on and during the entire tattooing process. It’s a pass for the tattoo shop that does not require their artists to wear gloves during procedures.
  • Are the work stations of tattoo artists spotlessly clean and organised? Are there plastic coverings for the beds, armrests, and chairs? Are the plastic covers stripped and changed after every procedure? Are the stations cleaned and wiped down with the required cleaning agents after finishing with a client?
  • Does the shop only use sterile and disposable needles and ink caps? Is there a sharps box to properly dispose of used needles? Does the sharps box overflow with used needles? Serious health risks such as hepatitis, HIV, tetanus, and other blood-borne conditions can be acquired with the unsafe use and disposal of needles during tattooing.


A highly-recommended referral from an inked family or friend is the best referral to get. Online reviews and comments from previous clients are also a good way to know the practices of a tattoo shop. However, it pays to be wary of online reviews as they can be faked. The best thing is always to take time, effort, and travel to check out the shop before committing to a tattoo procedure.

Visiting tattoo shops is the smartest way to get a “feel” for them. Trust your gut feeling. Give shops a miss that sets your teeth on edge.

Putting a bad tattoo right is not only costly; it is also a traumatic experience. A tattoo should be a happy and memorable lifelong experience and investment. It’s only right to practice due diligence when it comes to the choice of a tattoo shop in Gold Coast.