In Italy, “the couple of Chinese citizens from the city of Wuhan who are positive for the test of the new coronavirus are still in the ICU are better off. However, both show a slight improvement in the general conditions. In particular, the male patient presents a reduction in respiratory support, with active participation in breathing. The prognosis remains confidential “. These are the latest news reported in the daily bulletin of the national institute for infectious diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome where 13 people are still hospitalized.

There are three confirmed cases, nine patients are tested for the new coronavirus awaiting results; however, only one patient remains hospitalized for other clinical reasons.

Soon Niccolò in Italy
Niccolò, the 17-year-old Italian boy who is still in China, will be in Italy within 24-48 hours. The Ministry of Health has made it known that his repatriation is being organized. The young man has not been able to leave in recent weeks, together with 56 other Italians of ours , because he had a fever. “He will be in Italy within 24-48 hours,” said the deputy minister of health, Pierpaolo Sileri, on the sidelines of an event at the ministry. In recent days, the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, had also announced that Niccolò is returning.

Serious threat to the world
“A virus can create more economic and social political upheavals than any terrorist attack: the world must wake up and consider this virus as the number one enemy.” This was stated by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in the daily briefing with the Coronavirus press in Geneva.

In the meantime, the conference on the epidemic has opened. “With 99% of contagion cases in China, coronavirus remains an emergency for the country, but it poses a serious threat to the rest of the world.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, thus opened the conference on the epidemic that started from Wuhan. According to data from the Beijing health authorities, the latest death toll caused by the epidemic rose to 1,018, after more than 100 people died yesterday , a greater number than the previous day, when there were 97 victims. The national health commission specified that 103 of the last 108 victims were registered in the Hubei province, an outbreak of the virus. On the other hand, infections have risen to over 42 thousand.